How To Integrate

CashEnvoy integration is available in both standard and simple packages. The standard package is for online stores and web applications while the simple package is for donation websites or websites that receive a fixed amount of payment. The simple integration involves the use of HTML payment buttons and requires no server side coding, however the simple integration can only receive payments from CashEnvoy wallets.

To integrate the CashEnvoy payment gateway,  a business account has to be registered. The merchant should then log into CashEnvoy with this account and on the dashboard select the integration type from the dropdown and click on the "Request Merchant Id" button. The merchant id displayed subsequently should be noted as this would be required later.

The integration process is simple and straight forward and costs you nothing! The necessary documentation and example files are provided below to make for a smooth integration.


The integration pack below contains a Merchant Application Form, CashEnvoy Standard Integration Guide, User Acceptance Test (UAT) document, Response Codes, Test Accounts and a "Pay With CashEnvoy" image.

The Merchant Application Form should be completed and scanned back to accompanied by necessary documents.

[Documentation/Required Paperwork - Download]

Sample Code

For the standard integration, we currently have sample codes in PHP. This should not deter developers who wish to integrate in any language of choice. For the simple integration, the HTML code to generate payment buttons is also provided.

Standard Integration Only[PHP Sample Code - Download]

Simple Integration Only - Generate sample code from dashboard

Registration API

The CashEnvoy registration API is available for your web applications. This ensures that once users register on your site, they automatically have a CashEnvoy account and can then proceed with payment. Interested merchants should contact

Supported Carts

Integration resources for the following carts are available.

Each archive contains a readme.txt file which explains how to install and configure the modules. Please contact for more information.

Post Integration

Once integration is completed, merchants should test using provided test accounts and the User Acceptance Test (UAT) document as a guide. Please note that it is mandatory that the website answers "Yes" to all questions in the UAT. After successful tests, the UAT should be completed in soft copy and sent to to request testing by our team.


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